History of SECWA

The creation of the Southeastern Car Wash Association was not one single event or the effort of one single individual. SECWA was born out of a need for more networking and recognition for those individuals who were car wash owners, operators and vendors in 1957. Although there was a national car wash association, there was a need for more localized interaction among carwash industry owners and vendors. The Association struggled on many fronts in the first year, but it did survive.

Today, 10 people serve on the Board. The early leadership put several ideas in motion that remain our focus today. One of the first was a newsletter published for the membership a few times per year. Today, The WASH STREET Journal has evolved into a full-color magazine that is published quarterly with articles written by car wash owners and product and equipment vendors across several states. SECWA holds an annual convention and car wash tour each fall in various states in the southeast; each centers on car wash owners and vendors sharing their expertise with the membership through new investor seminars and networking. Regional Roadshow car wash tours give members an additional opportunity to share industry knowledge and get an up front and behind the scenes look at a variety of car washes. Membership in 1957 totaled only 22 members. The growth and success of SECWA has been, and will always be, dependent on the work done by our owner and manufacturer/supplier members.  While the future is never certain, as long as SECWA members continue to contribute their expertise, the Association will remain strong. The SECWA leadership looks forward to the challenges of the future with the help of each and every new member.